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BABY FAIR is a brand that is growing
…..along with its target group
BABY FAIR is a brand that is growing
…..along with its target group

Exhibitor service

Innovative product and service presentation

Apart from the classical fair stand: Present your company as a brand for children’s paradise, nursing lounges, baby change oasis,seminars,workshops,stage shows , story readings, yoga for pregnant women-active starter exercises. We will be pleased to offer consultation.

By exhibiting at “BABY FAIR” you get an opportunity to:

  • Boost sales and customer base
  • Increase awareness of your organization
  • Launch a new product or service in a big way
  • Conduct market research with access to thousands of parents and children
  • Recognition of your product
  • Direct feedback from the customers
  • Launching a new concept
  • Opportunity for opening new business contacts

Multi-media promotional campaign

„BABY FAIR“ exhibitors will reap the benefits of the extensive marketing and advertising campaign including radio, television, print publications, press releases, posters and promotional materials.
Share the benefits of our wide reaching promotional campaign which otherwise will cost much more. BABY FAIR is a great vehicle for your business.

BABY FAIR is a brand that is growing…..along with its target group

Reaching more customers
More product segments, more clients
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Health and care
  • Nutrition
  • Fashion
  • Furniture
  • Playing & learning
  • Mobility & safety
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Pre-school activities
  • and many more

  • Baby fair is unique in this segment with credible partners and supporters which attracts qualified audience

    Don’t miss this excellent marketing opportunity for your business!

Why should you exhibit?

Trade shows are a high traffic shopping experience for consumers looking specifically for your type of business. Exhibiting at “BABY FAIR” exposes you to a targeted and highly motivated audience in a cost effective way, offering a complete experience involving all senses Personal interaction, building relationships, product/service display and sale, sampling and generating leads will give families many ways to remember you. Weather the goal is to increase sales, launch a new idea, provide information or position your brand at the forefront of the competition, your potential customers are delivered directly to you!

We offer you:

  • Your business name and link placed on Baby fair website
  • Three different exhibit options to suit your business needs
  • Large booth sizes to maximize visibility of your product or service
  • Concept for a promotional campaign

About our visitors

Baby fair for the fourth time brings to you the opportunity to reach this audience and present them everything that you offer.

Who can be an exhibitor?

  • Health care providers
  • Information and education of families
  • Textile – clothes for babies, kids and pregnant women
  • Footwear
  • Food
  • Children’s activity and Education – books, information technology correlated to the child as a client, especially in the educational process
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Toys
  • Health, Beauty and Personal Care
  • Appliances for preparing child food – appliances for preparing child food
  • Childcare centers, playgrounds, kindergartens and institutions for proper growth and development
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Automotive industry; baby car seats
  • Bed linen and curtains
  • Photographers
  • Strollers & Carriers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Magazines /about children and babies
  • Safety products
  • Diaper products
  • Baby equipment
  • Sports and recreation
  • Products and services for family needs